2021 Summary

December 31, 2021

Traveled to Palm Springs

Got stranded in Austin during the storm

Made a plan

Started a search fund

Traveled to Whitefish

Learned about psychedelics and depression

Got much better at HTML, CSS, JS and front-end development

Shut down a search fund

Sent 12 email newsletters in 12 consecutive weeks

Ended a relationship (albeit on a friendly note)

Traveled home to Minnesota, saw my parents and sister and brother in law

Traveled to Tahoe with friends

Launched a cohort-based course

Ran 70 miles in 1 week

Traveled to Austin with college buddies

Cut my hair

Rollerbladed around San Francisco

Watched Kipchoge win gold

Showed my parents San Francisco

Ran the San Francisco Marathon

Launched another cohort-based course

Spent less time on Twitter

Became obsessed with Paul Thomas Anderson films

Left San Francisco

Lived with my sister northern Virginia

Started work at Compound

Hiked in Shenandoah

Spent Thanksgiving with my family

Lived with some friends in Los Angeles

Ate burritos at El Primo Taco

Lifted at Gold's Gym Venice

Visited Joshua Tree

On to 2022!

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