Fluent Forever

Gabriel Wyner

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Good take on ways to learn a language. I combined this knowledge with my personal experience and reading at Baselang.com to get a better grasp of how to learn Spanish. This really got me excited to continue my Spanish journey, with a clear path ahead. Wish it emphasized speaking with native speakers more (which I’ve learned to be the most effective means of learning a language).


1) Start with pronunciation, 2) Don’t translate, 3) Use spaced repetition systems

Get a grammar book and a phrase book. Not to read through them, but to leverage them with flashcards. A frequency dictionary can help with the beginning. Eventually work your way up to a monolingual dictionary and thematic vocabulary books to round out your language.

By simply trying to memorize words, your brain isn’t likely going to remember. Instead, it’s better to have deeper connections to the words through visuals, or mnemonic devices relating to violence, humor or sex

“If we ask ourselves whether the economia has affected our lives, we’ll get the personal connection we need to remember that word forever.”

Minimal pair tests (‘lock’ vs ‘rock’) allow you to understand the sublet differences in languages that English doesn’t have. (Online resource available)

Forvo.com is a tool that has free, native-speaker recordings of tons of words.

Pronunciation help – https://fluent-forever.com/chapter3/

Google Images help – https://fluent-forever.com/chapter4/

We learn in stages: He eating carrot -> He is eating a carrot -> Yesterday he ate a carrot -> He eats carrots daily

Use your grammar book by taking out sentences and memorizing them in the target language

Create a sentence, then take out different words that you want to use. Put the full sentence on the back, and the partial sentence on the front (pg 120)

Use stories to remember grammar (pg 124)

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