Adam Keesling

I'm Adam. I live in San Francisco and work as a strategic finance consultant to high-growth businesses. If you want to learn more, check out some samples or send me an email!

In August 2019, I left my job as an investment banker at William Blair. While at Blair, I worked on internet and enterprise SaaS M&A deals with some great colleagues and friends.

Before banking, I worked for a training and labor marketplace called Adventis. I helped the founder design, market and operationalize financial modeling boot camps and recruiting services. I was also lucky enough to travel across the country as a trainer, where I taught over 35 boot camps to 1,000+ students.

Besides work, I really like reading and I take notes on all the books I read. Check them out here. I also sometimes write in a public journal.

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If you have an inquiry on consulting, thoughts on my writing, or books to recommend, please reach out at: adam [at] adamkeesling [dot] com