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In case you aren't familiar with my work yet, here's a list of the best posts I've written, broken down by category. I love getting emails from readers so if you have any questions or comments shoot me a note at adam [at] adamkeesling [dot] com!

Media & Content

Substack Rhymes with Medium
Explaining a16z's Investment in Substack
New York Times: Investing in the Long Term

A Local News Revival
Demand Media & The Wild West of SEO


Should You Invest In Wish? An S-1 Analysis
Blue Apron's Stock Fell By Over 90%. What happened?
How Thrasio Became The Fastest Profitable Unicorn
What Happened to GoPro's Share Price?
The Obituary
Curated: Expert Shopping Advice Online


How Costco Convinces Brands to Cannabalize Themselves
How Domino's Stock Returned 4,595%
The Future of Fitness: lululemon Buys Mirror
Nike: Direct Relationships & Digital Penetration
The Unexpected Investment Opportunity in School Bus Operators


Sometimes You're The Datadog, Sometimes You're The Hydrant
How AB-5 Will Break Uber's Business
GPT-3 Will Accelerate The Privatization of Online Communities


Why Masterclass Isn't Really About Mastery
How Chegg Grew Their Share Price 20x in Four Years
Opportunities in Higher Education Technology
Crash: Pitch a Company, Get a Job

Metrics, Valuation and Theory

Cash Conversion Cycle: Bridging The Gap Between Profits and Cash Flow
Intangible Assets: The Invisible Value Driver
Explaining the Hertz Bankruptcy Situation
Why Software Is More Profitable Than Content

Career & Lifestyle

How to Take Notes In Audible
Explaining Lambda School's Success: Career Legibility
The News is a Waste of Time

Health, Science and Economics

Understanding How Depression is Formed

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